Wednesday, 14 November 2018

Australian Politics

I attended a couple of workshops on adapting Shakespeare recently. The first (with Sapidah Kian) was focussed on creating a piece of physical theatre. The second (with Mark Wilson) was a broader, conceptual approach. During this one we had some time to do some writing. Here the five little ambiguous scenes I wrote. I call it 'Australian Politics'.

A: It comes.
B: It can't.
A: Too late. It comes.
B: I'm not ready.
A: What do you need? It comes.
B: I don't know.
A: Prepare. It comes.
B: You must stop it.
A: I can't. It comes.
B: How did it star?
A: You were there...and now it comes.
B: What should I do?
A: There is nothing you can do. It comes.
B: When will it get here?
A: You don't know?
B: Do you know?
A: I know it comes.
B: Is that enough?
A: Enough for now.
B: Is now enough?
A: Enough for who?
B: You.
A: You?
B: I need more. It's too soon.
A: Will it ever be the right time?
B: Never.
A: Forever.

A: Who's turn is it.
B: I threw last.
A: But I threw first.
B: That is irrelevant.
A: We must count backwards.
B: We don't need to go back that far.
A: We must see the whole picture.
B: Just be in the moment.
A: How will we ever know we are right?
B: How can we be wrong?
A: I don't know what to do .
B: We can't just do nothing.
A: But what if we make a mistake?
B: Hesitation is a mistake.
A: Care is required.
B: Stillness is death.

A: Where are we going?
B: Where are we now?
A: We're not where we were supposed to be.
B: Where is that?
A: Not here.
B: You are here.
A: I am not staying.
B: Where are you going?
A: I don't know.
B: Then how do you know it's not here?
A: What's not here?
B: Whatever it is you are looking for.
A: Who says I am looking for something?
B: You do.
A: I am looking for somewhere.
B: Where are you going?
A: I don't know.

A: Look at that.
B: What do you see?
A: Can you see it?
B: Point to it.
A: It's there. See?
B: I can't see anything.
A: Open your eyes.
B: I'm scared.
A: You don't know what I am pointing to.
B: That's not what I am afraid of.
A: What are you afraid of?
B: I don't know.
A: Take a risk.
B: Can you die of fright?
A: Can you?
B: My heart is racing.
A: You have nothing to be afraid of.
B: You don't know that.
A: I know you are afraid right now.
B: Yes.
A: If you open your eyes you will see there is nothing to fear.

A: Just what I was looking for.
B: That's mine.
A: Have you bought it already?
B: Not yet.
A: Then it's not yours.
B: I had my hands on it.
A: Now I have my hands on it.
B: Be a doll.
A: I am nobody's puppet.
B: Let go.
A: Make me.
B: Is this how you behave in public?
A: Is this how you speak to an adult?
B: I want it more than you.
A: How can you possibly know that?
B: It will look better on me.
A: I am not buying it for myself.
B: You are not buying it at all.

Friday, 20 October 2017

Hamlet's Rap (in 3/4 time)

Verse 1

Brother tried to shut my ride
Trifle is what he said
Toy in blood, said I lied
He wished the romance dead
Weigh the cost, your honour lost
Lose your heart, your bed
Desire will kill with one shot
Fear dear sis he said.                          (No More)
Now you dread, reps are smear’d
No hat upon my head
Hell-boy now, see us here
You laying on the bed
Blood all round, children live
You roast my wrath instead
Our parents gone we share this cheer
Take arms and meet the dead.               (No More)

Chorus (female)

How should I true love know?
Dead and gone, still a maid
Up he rose, with no clothes
By cock he is to blame.
Promised me rings of gold
Young men they lie for shame
Words be breath, breath be bold
My lust bleeds through my pain.
No More

Verse 2

Sleep in death, dreams may come
When shuffling off this world
Whips and scorn the fair doth strum
I did so love you. Word!
Don’t believe when I speak
“I love you not” I hurl
Why would you breed to cheat?
An arrant knave I churl.                         (No More)

Play the fool in my house
I give a plague, the price
Chaste as ice, pure as louse
The payment comes up thrice
Monsters mate while passion burns
My madness will suffice
Wed you not on my return
Though bleeding love entice.                  (No More)


Verse 3

Mother smiles, father gone
Mischief plays the devil
Poison laughs, deed is done
Puppet strings are evil
Start murder, cry revenge
Hell breathes out dry weavils
Drink hot blood, reprehend
I will be cruel and revel                            (No More)

Daggers speak using none
Incest’ous fun ‘tween legs
Death becomes your wicked tongue
Our bloody deeds leave dregs
Wretched fool wring your heart
As falseness rots your weds
Claim your fire at the start 
Stewed your own misteps.                      (No More)


Verse 4

Heat and flame, ulc’rous place
Corruption lies inbred
Infects unseen ev’ry face
Confess or you’ll be dead
Repent the past, do it now
Avoid what lies ahead
Assume virtue somehow
I must be cruel, blood red.                       (No More)

Bad begins, worse remains
Wanton cheeks show your mouse
Break your neck, use your brains
I cannot trust this house
Trust, it wears adders fangs
My own petard is hoist
Lugging guts, bodies hang
Our future’s no rejoice                             (No More)



Loved you mum. I’m your son
You left dad when he died
To bro’s bed you did run
This sin you cannot hide
Lia dear, your chasteness fast
Can no more you rely
And your dad too is past
It’s time for you to die.

Sunday, 11 December 2016

When I Grow Up

When I grow up I want to be a model. When I grow up I want to be an actor. No. A film star! At least that's what I thought when I was 10. Primary school is over and I'm not one of the cool kids. Now when I grow up I want to be a fighter pilot - a fashion designer. I know! When I grow up I want to be...The Prime Minister of Australia! The President of the world! The Emperor of the galaxy!!! It's 20 years later now. I have finished high school. I have had a job. I have lost a job. I have lost many jobs. Now when I grow up I want to be a home owner. When I grow up I want to be a parent. When I grow up I want my family to be proud. I want to wake up and not need a nip of scotch. I want to breathe without coughing up a lung. I want more than 50 cents in my bank account. When I grow up I want to... grow up...